Vidrieras Rose

Rose young wine

Produced by: Josep Masachs S.L.


What a great vintage 2019 is becoming. Both quality and health of all grape varieties we harvest are great, as meteorology has been on our side during the vegetative cycle. The vines have developed balanced and as a result we enjoyed a reasonable quantity and excellent quality harvest. Ripening has been gradual and harvest time came on the traditional dates for the area.


Apellation: D.O. Penedès
Alcohol: 12,5% vol
Grape varieties: Ull De Llebre (Tempranillo)
Serving temperature: 10°C


Maceration – Traditional maceration method in which the red grapes are let to rest, or macerate, in the juice for a very short period of two to three hours and afterwards the entire batch is transferred to the fermentation tanks.


Appearance – Pale pink color with purple highlights.
Nose – Lively and fragrant with fresh red fruits and floral aromas together with delicate citrus notes.
Palate – A fresh, light, dry palate with an elegant strawberry note on the finish. 

Food pairing: Pairs perfectly with seafood, veggies and salads.

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