Selecta Rose

Rose young wine

Produced by: Josep Masachs S.L.


The grapes used for Selecta wine are grown in calcareous soils also characterized by the presence of large deposits of sand .

The rosé wines from 2018 show greater freshness and acidity compared to previous vintages. After a few years characterized by drought, the 2018 vintage was wetter and with more moderate temperatures that slowed the ripening of the grapes. Resulting in a fruit of great purity and sanity that has allowed us to produce wines with more powerful aromas and good acidity.


Apellation: D.O. Penedès
Alcohol: 12,5% vol
Grape varieties: Ull De Llebre (Tempranillo)

Serving temperature: 10°C


Maceration – Traditional maceration method in which the red grapes are let to rest, or macerate, in the juice for a very short period of two to three hours and afterwards the entire batch is transferred to the fermentation tanks.


Appearance – Pale pink color with purple highlights.
Nose – Lively and fragrant with fresh red fruits and floral aromas together with delicate citrus notes.
Palate – A fresh, light, dry palate with an elegant strawberry note on the finish. 

Food pairing: Pairs perfectly with seafood, veggies and salads. 

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