La Chita Rosé Iwazaru

Wine Organic IGP Vino de la tierra de Castilla

Produced by: Josep Masachs S.L.


La Chita is a fun young wine. This range has been developed based upon two main concepts:

In the teachings of the wooden sculpture of the 3 wise monkeys located in Toshogu temple. Its original message was “do not listen to what will lead you to do wrong”, “do not see bad behavior as natural” and “do not speak badly without reason”. 

Over time and due to our western visión, the message that emerges from the teachings has been simplified to “see, hear and shut up”. 

It is a method that helps us to avoid spreading evil. Just what we are looking for with this wine, leave the bad things aside focusing on the positive

On the other hand, the popular Spanish saying “a la chita callando”, which means to do something with stealth, quietly or in secret. Its aim is precisely the opposite, to become a groundbreaking and striking range of wines.


Apellation: I.G.P. Vino de la tierra de Castilla

Alcohol: 12,5%

Grape varieties: Bobal

Serving temperature:  6-10 ºC



Appearance – Pale pink color with purple highlights.

Nose – Lively and fragrant with fresh red fruits aromas (blackcurrants, cherries and strawberries) and notes of rose petals.

Palate – Light bodied wine, well structured and balanced. Lively wine with fresh acidity.


Food pairing: Ideal to share as an appetizer, with a seafood or cheese platter. 


Certification body: SOHISCERT, Sociedad Hispana de Certificación S.A.

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